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ISC Chapters are groups of sculptors and sculpture enthusiasts, located in specific geographic areas, who serve as a local voice for the ISC. Chapter groups provide opportunities such as local exhibitions, networking, and sculpture resources for like-minded individuals to engage and collaborate.

The ISC lends generous support to its Chapter groups by providing the following:

• A 20% discount on ISC membership to Chapter members
• Panel sessions at ISC conference to discuss their works in addition to designated spaces for chapters to utilize for promotional purposes.
• Complimentary Sculpture magazines for distribution at Chapter events & exhibitions
• Substantial discounts on Sculpture subscriptions & ISC memberships for Chapter event attendees
• Peer-to-peer guidance, assisting in the development of Chapter events and organizational development through a dedicated ISC Board liaison as well as connections to other ISC Chapters around the world
• Dedicated space on the ISC’s award-winning website, (which receives more than 100,000 hits per day!)
• Annual opportunities for coverage in Sculpture magazine
• Opportunities to market Chapter events & exhibitions through the ISC newsletter, which is distributed to more than 10,000 individuals each month

…and much more.

In addition to these great benefits to the Chapter, Chapter group members also enjoy the many benefits of ISC membership! All Chapter members are required to also be ISC members. ISC membership entitles members to benefits including an individual online portfolio, discounts on ISC events, discounted isc Press publications, and to discounts offered by hundreds of vendors and suppliers listed in the ISC Resource Directory, just to name a few! Click here to learn more about ISC membership.

For more information on how to become an ISC Chapter, contact the ISC Membership Department at or 609-689-1051, ext 301.

BSG Street View
Group photo 9-'18
Harries Zwart Reception 2015
Nora Valdez
Murray Dewart
Marilu Swett Installation
Evans Gallery Talk
Christopher Frost Reception
BSG group brunch
BSG Street View
As Boston’s premier venue for contemporary sculpture, Boston Sculptors Gallery features a distinctive variety of innovative contemporary work by Boston area sculptors. Founded in 1992 by 18 artists and originally located in Newton, MA, the gallery moved to the heart of Boston’s vibrant SOWA arts district in 2003, and has grown to include 38 artist members.

Boston Sculptors Gallery brings professionalism, energy and creativity to promoting the role of sculpture in the public sphere, as well as engaging the community and cultivating new audiences with exhibitions and programming such as artist talks, panel discussions, poetry readings, performances and other special events.

The Boston Sculptors Gallery is the only sculpture collaborative in the country that maintains its own gallery space.


An installation view of “CSI: Themes in Contemporary Sculpture,”
An installation view of “CSI: Themes in Contemporary Sculpture,”
Victoria Fuller- Demo at Women Sculptors
Donna Hapac -Demonstrating her techniques- Women Sculptors of Chicago
Installation of "Avenue of Sculpture". Ron Gard, Ted Sitting Crow Garner, Terry Karpowicz.
"Avenue of Sculpture" at the Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. 2010.
Chicago Sculpture International (CSI) is a nonprofit organization consisting of a very diverse group of sculptors. Ranging from installation work, indoor work to large-scale outdoor works, our members support each other and celebrate our differences. We believe in expanding an awareness and appreciation of sculpture both locally and internationally. Founded in 2004 as the first regional chapter of the International Sculpture Center (ISC), CSI is open to any sculptor, art professional, patron, or organization that joins the ISC. Regular meetings offer valuable information on technical, critical or business matters for members. CSI maintains a strong record of organizing professional exhibitions, guest speakers and other events.

Please visit our website to learn more about us and to see our member portfolios.


PRS at Oliver Ranch, Urlsula von Rydingsvard.
PRS at Oliver Ranch. Ann Hamilton.
PRS at Oliver Ranch. Artist Studios.
PRS at Oliver Ranch, Bruce Nauman.
Artists in action, Brad Orsburn.
Artists in action, Cynthia Handel.
Artists in action, Eilenn Fitz Faulkner.
Artists in action, James K. M. Watts.
Artists in action, Jason Bernhardt.
Artists in action, Lynne Todaro.
Artists in action, Taylor Gersbach.
Artists in action, Zahava Sherez.
Palm Shadow, by Cynthia Handel, Steel.

All You Do Is Raise Hell, by Arthur Comings, Mixed Media
Goddesses and Creatures, by Flavia Krasilchik, Mixed Media.
Bronze pour by Jann Nunn, Professor of Sculpture at Sonoma S, Bronze.
Maker's Mark, by T. Barny, Stone.
S-Curve, by Michael Walsh, Steel.

Manhattan Revisited, by Nikki Schrager, Mixed Media.

Arc of the Atlas, by Jann Nunn, Mixed Media.
by Jeff Owen, Steel.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, by Maru Hoeber, Porcelain.
Pacific Rim Sculptors was founded on the beliefs that cultural vitality and artistic diversity contribute to a healthy society. The organization aims to increase public awareness of sculpture by promoting public and private exhibits, and through education and outreach programs. The group encourages artistic diversity and excellence by providing a community for artists to meet, show their work, exchange ideas and address issues of common concern. Its member opportunities and resources are intended to encourage the development of all sculptors.


"TERRA SPLENDORA” James Surls’ former studio. June/July 2019.
TSG Pop-up Fundraiser for TSG artist with cancer.
TSG exhibit “The James Surls Invitational”
TSG exhibit “GESTALT: A New Entity”, Cinnabar Art Gallery
TSG artists at the opening reception for “GESTALT: A NEW ENTITY”, 2019
TSG board meeting, ArtPace, San Antonio, TX, 2018
TSG panel discussion “Material Matters”, June 2019
TSG member Gabriel Dawe's thread installation.
TSG Exhibit, 'Under the Rotunda', Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX, June 2013
TSG meeting with ISC Director, Johannah Hutchison at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, 2009.
Member's gathering at Bill FitzGibbon's studio in San Antonio, TX, 2012.
Curator Jed Norse of the Nasher Sculpture Center giving the TSG Board a tour of the collection, Dallas, TX, 2013.
Gallery opening in Houston, TX, 2011.
Scale Conference, Blue Star Contemporary Museum, San Antonio, TX, 2012.
All-members meeting at 'Itchy Acres' studio complex in Houston, TX, 2011.
TSG Co-chair Bill FitzGibbon's project, 'Light Rails', installed in Birmingham, AL, 2013.
TSG Honorary Member, James Surls' work.
Installation by the late Lee Littlefield at TSG's 'Texas Uprising' in the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, San Antonio, TX.

The Texas Sculpture Group is a non-profit organization formed for the purposes of promoting contemporary sculpture as an art form, educating the public regarding the aesthetics of sculpture, and promoting and supporting sculptors. The organization’s goal is to establish or renew the identification and camaraderie among those who make, collect, research, or simply enjoy contemporary sculpture in Texas. With 118 current members, our ongoing program of networking, discussion, web presence, publication and exhibition seeks to expand the audience for this art form within and beyond the region.

Our annual member shows take place at prestigious venues all over the state of Texas. In addition we organize curated exhibitions for our members, like the 2019 Houston Baptist University exhibit “STATE WIDE: The Texas Sculpture Group” curated by Jim Edwards. Sculptor James Surls acted as guest curator at the Museum of Biblical Arts in Dallas for the exhibit “THE JAMES SURLS INVITATIONAL”. And arts writer and gallery owner Susan Oliver Heard curated the recent show “GESTALT: A New Entity” in 2019 in San Antonio for us.

Please visit our website to learn more about our organization and members.