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The ISCís Board of Trustees established the Educator Award to recognize individual artist-educators who have excelled at teaching sculpture in institutions of higher learning. An exemplary career combining personal studio practice and measurable academic performance form the evaluative basis of this award.

Successful candidates for this award are masters of sculptural history, theory, processes and techniques, who have devoted a major part of their careers to the education of the next generation and to the advancement of the sculpture field as a whole.


A successful candidate should be currently teaching with 20+ years of teaching at an institution of higher learning, have a considerable body of work and should be knowledgeable in the history, theories & innovations that compose the subject of sculpture. This knowledge along with visible personal research and an informed technical vocabulary will have resulted in teaching effectiveness. The ability to articulate this knowledge in the identification and promotion of each studentís creative potential defines the spirit of the ISC Educator Award.

Award Timeline

Nominations Open September 4, 2019
Nominations Submission Deadline October 25, 2019
Nominee Submission Deadline November 15, 2019
Recommendation Submission Deadline December 6, 2019

Application Procedure:

Nominators: Nominators can submit only one (1) candidate nomination each year. Multiple submissions by the same nominator will result in the disqualification of all submissions by the nominator. Nominees cannot nominate themselves for the Outstanding Educator Award. All nominations must be received by October 25, 2019

To nominate an outstanding educator, please submit the online Nomination form.

Nominees: Nominees are required to submit all supplemental documentation via the online form. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. All information must be received by November 15, 2019.
To submit Nominee documentation, please use the online Nominee Information form.

This documentation should include:
  • A resume of accomplishments as a sculptor & an educator; reflecting professional activity, including artist and educator accomplishments
  • An individual personal website with images showing a considerable body of high quality work from the nominee (cannot be a university based webpage)
  • The names, emails and phone numbers for 3 potential references from individuals familiar with the dual aspects of the nomineeís career

Award Benefits

Faculty Winners will receive the following:
  • An award certificate and letter from the ISC
  • A feature article published in Sculpture magazine and the ISCís website
  • A lifetime ISC Professional Level membership, which includes subscriptions to both Sculpture magazine and the ISC members-only area of
  • An award ceremony, hosted by the awardeeís academic institution
Educational institutions of awardees will receive the following:
  • An award certificate and letter from the ISC
  • Recognition in Sculpture magazine feature article and the ISCís website
  • Invitation to spotlight the institutionís program(s) on the ISCís website,
  • A one-year ISC University Level membership, which includes 10 copies of each issue of Sculpture


  • No more than one submission per nominator will be accepted; multiple submissions will disqualify all submissions by the nominator
  • Nominees cannot nominate themselves for the Outstanding Educator Award
  • All nominations must be submitted via the online form; no other formats will be accepted.