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International Sculpture Center

Ursula von Rydingsvard, Blackened Word, 2008 Cedar and graphite. Photo: Courtesy of artist

About International Sculpture Center

The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to champion the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums—anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture.

Where We Started

In 1960, sculptor and educator Elden Tefft organized the National Sculpture Conference at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas, and with that conference the International Sculpture Center was born.

Since then, the ISC has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its members as technologies move forward, beginning with the 1997 launch of

Today, after 60 years of service to the field, the ISC's progressive programs, conferences, symposia, and publications serve a growing international membership and educate the profession and the public about contemporary sculpture.

View History

Elden Tefft and his son Kim repairing “Academic Jay”, 1996. Kansas University Archives Photos.

Board of Trustees

Jack Becker
Jack Becker
Arts Administrator
Omaha, NE

Jack F. Becker, Ph.D. is the Executive Director & CEO of Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. Becker earned his Bachelor of Art in art history at Carleton College in Minnesota; his Master of Art in art history and Ph.D. in American art at the University of Delaware; and his Master of Business Administration at the University of Michigan.
Sylvia Brown
Sylvia Brown
Secretary of Brian Wall Foundation
San Francisco, CA

Sylvia Brown is Secretary/Treasurer of the Brian Wall Foundation, which benefits working artists in financial need. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Sylvia has worked as a gallerist, communications executive and art writer. As founding partner of the San Francisco public relations agency Brown & Collins, she developed partnerships among museums, galleries, civic art commissions and business sponsors.
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan
Lincoln, NE

Robert Duncan is chairman of ISC for the second time. Together with his wife, Karen, the Duncans share their extensive contemporary arts and crafts collection through loans, tours and numerous articles in national press publications.
Carole Feuerman
Carole Feuerman
New York, NY

Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned hyperrealist sculptors. She sculpts and paints monumental, life-size, and table-top works in bronze, resin and marble. She is best known for her large outdoor painted bronze figurative pieces with water themes.
Carla Hanzal
Carla Hanzal
VP of Arts & Science Council
Charlotte, NC

Carla Hanzal is the Vice President of Public Art for the ASC, which administers the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Art Ordinance. Hanzal is an author and curator based in Charlotte and has over 25 years of experience commissioning artworks and organizing museum exhibitions.
John Henry
John Henry
Chairman Emeritus
Chattanooga, TN

John Henry is known worldwide for his large-scale public works of art. His works are included in major museum, corporate, public, and private collections worldwide. He holds leadership positions on numerous boards of acts organizations.
Peter Hobart
Peter Hobart
Chairman Emeritus
Rome, Italy

Peter Hobart was Chair of the ISC Board of Trustees for six years. He is also an international entrepreneur, Hobart Brother’s former vice president for international business, and a board member of the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.
Aparajita Jain
Aparajita Jain
Co-Director of Nature Morte
New Delhi, India

Aparajita Jain is the co-director of Nature Morte since 2012, when she bought a controlling interest in the leading contemporary art gallery, assimilating into its nest some of the artists represented by Seven Arts Limited, the gallery she previously owned that focussed on discovering young talent, among whom was Asim Waqif, who, in 2016, was awarded India Today Art Award for Emerging Artist of the Year. Nature Morte, along with Jhaveri Contemporary, also won Solo Exhibition of the Year for the co-curated retrospective, "Transfigurations", featuring the work of Mrinalini Mukherjee.
Seward Johnson
Seward Johnson
Chairman Emeritus - In Memoriam
Hopewell, NJ

Recognized as one of America’s foremost realists working in sculpture, Seward Johnson has exhibited extensively in the US and overseas, inclusive of a solo exhibition at the Corcoran in Washington, DC, the Venice Biennale, and in the cities of Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Hannover, Milan, Lisbon, Dallas, Chicago among others.
Ree Kaneko
Ree Kaneko
Chairman Emeritus
Omaha, NE

Ree Kaneko has been supporting the arts for over 38 years. Her main objectives have been to support artists by providing studios, stipends and exhibition opportunities.
Josh Kanter
Josh Kanter
General Counsel
Salt Lake City, UT

Joshua S. Kanter is the principal of Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services, providing personalized, multi-generational consulting services to families. He is a collector and has served on the boards of numerous public, private and non-profit concerns. He previously served as the chairman of the ISC Board.
Nanci Lanni
Nanci Lanni
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Hamilton, OH

Nanci Lanni is the Chair of the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and has also served as the Special Projects Director and acting Co-Director. In her career she has sat on the Board of the ISC, and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, and the Fitton Center for Fine Arts and sits on the Board of the Cincinnati Opera Company. Nanci has built her rich career in the arts after receiving her BFA at Syracuse University.
Marc LeBaron
Marc LeBaron
Chairman Emeritus
Lincoln, NE

Marc LeBaron is Chairman and CEO of Lincoln Industries in Lincoln Nebraska, one of the nation’s largest and most diverse metal finishing companies. He is an art collector and has also held leadership positions in many organizations.
George McLendon
George McLendon
VP of Therapeutic Research
Davidson, NC

Dr. George McLendon is the Vice President of Therapeutic Research and Development at the nation's largest non-profit health care company, Carolina's HealthCare System. He is an educator, research scientist and entrepreneur. McLendon has published over 200 research papers in chemistry, physics and biology and holds multiple patents. He is a founding co-director of TMCx and serves on advisory and governing boards for several early-stage life science companies.
Hilary Nitka
Hilary Nitka
Vice Chair
Park City, UT

Hilary has served on the board of the Kimball Art Center. Art and sculpture have been a passion and a shared interest with her husband Ben for many years. After owning a gallery in Chicago that specialized in photography, her interests expanded to include a variety of diverse artistic expressions.
Jon Ott
Jon Ott
Vice Chair
San Francisco, CA

Jon Ott is currently a Vice President of Sales at Salesforce in San Francisco, California. Jon has been collecting art for 16 years, with extensive sculpture collections by Richard Hunt, Fletcher Benton and Charles Ginnever. Jon has taken an active role in collaborating directly with leaders in the field of sculpture conservation. Jon, together with his wife Molly, has had parts of their collection exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, David Zwirner Gallery in New York, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Art, Monterey Museum of Art, and the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.
Norie Sato
Norie Sato
Seattle, WA

Seattle based Norie Sato's artwork for public contexts is derived from site and context-driven ideas and also includes works for galleries, museums and other installations. Her projects are located around the country: San Diego International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Iowa State University, Seattle’s Link light rail, among others. She is a former member of the Public Art Network Council and Seattle Design Commission.
F. Douglass Schatz
Doug Schatz
Potsdam, NY

F. Douglass Schatz is an artist from Nashville TN., known for his wide range of artwork including cast bronze, welded steel, and fireworks. He is currently a sculptor and professor at the State University of New York, Potsdam.
Vicki Scuri
Vicki Scuri
Artist and Designer
Lake Forest Park, WA

Vicki Scuri is passionate about her work promoting community identity and more livable public places through Art. She is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Designer, with a stellar track record spanning over 32 years. Her work thrives at the intersections of art with urban design, environment and infrastructure, bridging the gaps between disciplines to create a more meaningful and engaging public realm.
Shan Shan Sheng
Shan Shan Sheng
San Francisco, CA

Internationally recognized artist Shan Shan Sheng, in 1982 came to United States, attending Mount Holyoke College and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree, and continued to Harvard University as an artist-in-residence for two years. Sheng has held over 40 solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia and America, her large-scale “Open Wall” project was included in the 53rd Venice Biennale. To this date, Sheng has completed 60 large scale public art projects permanently installed in many countries around the world.
Frank Sippel
Frank Sippel
Entrepreneur / Director
Zurich, Switzerland

Frank Sippel is now a real estate ecopreneur. With his Real Future Companies, based in Switzerland as well as in Germany (Berlin), he is investing and developing space for social, cultural and environmental impact in the greater Berlin area.
Fisher Stolz
Fisher Stolz
Professor, Bradley University
Peoria, IL

Fisher Stolz is a sculptor creating work in stainless steel, cast metals and carved stone. Frequently these materials are used in combination to make sculptures that range from interior pieces through large-scale public works.
Renee Stout
Renée Stout
Washington, DC

Renée Stout received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1980. She is based in Washington, DC and is the recipient of many awards, including a 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Caucus for Art and most recently, the 2020 Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Award and a Virginia A. Groot Foundation Award.

Photo credit: Grace Roselli,

Elden Tefft
Elden Tefft
Lawrence, KS

Elden Tefft founded the sculpture program at the University of Kansas where he taught for 40 years. During his tenure he built two bronze foundries at the University and consulted and built many additional foundries throughout the world. In 1960, Elden started the International Sculpture Conferences and Center which became the world's largest association of sculptors.
George Tobolowsky
George Tobolowsky
Mountain Springs, TX

George Tobolowsky is a professional sculptor working out of Mountain Springs, Texas. His works are abstract metal sculptures made from steel and stainless steel “found objects” like bulky industrial metal castoffs scoured from scrap yards and fabrication plants.
Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D
Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D., was appointed as the 10th President of Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA. July 1, 2018. Tymas-Jones earned a Bachelor of Music with honors degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Both his Master of Music and doctorate degrees were award by Washington University, St. Louis.
Julian Voss-Andreae
Julian Voss-Andreae
Portland, OR

Julian Voss-Andreae is widely known for his striking work often blending figurative sculpture with scientific insights into the nature of reality. Voss-Andreae’s sculptures can be found in major collections all over the world and videos of his sculpture have gone viral with tens of millions of views. Voss-Andreae did his graduate research in quantum physics at one of the world’s most prestigious physics research labs at the University of Vienna.
Connie Wimer
Connie Wimer
Business Publications Corporation
Des Moines, IA

Connie Wimer was born in Merrill, Iowa, and attended Morningside College. She is the owner, founder and Chairman of Business Publications Corporation which has thirty-some titles. The company also does custom publishing, book publishing and a number of events. Connie serves on a number of boards in the city, state and nationally. She is the founder of Winefest and was the first woman to serve as Chair of the Greater Des Moines Chamber, the Alliance of Area Business Publications and to receive the Business Hall of Fame Award.
Nadine Witkin
Nadine Witkin
Television Producer
New York, NY

Nadine Witkin is the daughter of the legendary modernist sculptor and former ISC Board Member Isaac Witkin (1936-2006), and she is an avid contemporary art collector, promoter and advisor. She is also an Emmy award winning television producer, who has worked at CBS News, NBC News and NBC Entertainment, CNN, Fox Business, Al Jazeera America and A & E Networks, as well as independent PBS documentaries.


Johannah Hutchison
Johannah Hutchison
Executive Director/Publisher
Jeannette Darr
Jeannette Darr
Associate Director
Maria Apodaca
Maria Apodaca
Office Manager
Bill Downey
Bill Downey
Web Content Coordinator
Jennifer Galarza
Jennifer Galarza
Conference & Events Manager
Nicole Lambo
Nicole Lambo
Conference & Events Coordinator
Manju Philip
Manju Philip
Membership Manager
Gina Totaro
Gina Totaro
Community Engagement Manager
Daniel Kunitz
Daniel Kunitz
Editor in Chief
Twylene Moyer
Maura Thomas
Maura Thomas
Editorial Assistant
Arianna Stenson
Arianna Stenson
Publishing Coordinator
Kate Shanley
Kate Shanley
Business Development Director
Penny Blatt
Penny Blatt
Creative Director

ISC Committees

ISC Committee Assignment

Robert Duncan– Chair
Hilary Nitka – Vice Chair
Jon Ott – Vice Chair
Doug Schatz – Secretary
George Tobolowsky– Treasurer

*Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Director are ex officio members of all committees.

Executive Committee
Robert Duncan– Chair
Jack Becker
Carole Feuerman
Carla Hanzal
Josh Kanter
Marc LeBaron
Hilary Nitka
Jon Ott
Norie Sato
Doug Schatz
Shan Shan Sheng
Fisher Stolz
George Tobolowsky
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Connie Wimer
Nadine Witkin

Chair Emeritus
John Henry
Peter Hobart
Seward Johnson - In Memoriam
Ree Kaneko
Marc LeBaron

Advisory Board
Bruce Beasley
Craig Hall
Marc LeBaron
Jim & Karen Linder
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Hans Van de Bovenkamp

Standing Committees

Admin & Finance Committee
George Tobolowsky - Chair

Communications Committee
Robert Duncan –Co- Chair
Connie Wimer –Co-Chair
Richard Dupont
Carla Hanzal
Ree Kaneko
Doug Schatz
Vicki Scuri
Julian Voss-Andreae
Nadine Witkin

Development Committee
George Tobolowsky –Chair
Carole Feuerman
Josh Kanter
Gertrud Kohler-Aeschlimann
Hilary Nitka
Jon Ott
Julian Voss-Andreae
Frank Sippel

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Raymond Tymas-Jones- Chair
Carla Hanzal
Hilary Nitka
Jon Ott
Renée Stout

International Affairs Committee
Shan Shan Sheng -Chair
Drew Goerlitz
Aparajita Jain
Gertrud Kohler-Aeschlimann
Milan Lukac
Frank Sippel
Michael Suh
Julian Voss-Andreae
Nadine Witkin

ISC Perspectives Committee
Doug Schatz - Chair
Paul Hubbard
Norie Sato
Vicki Scuri
Fisher Stolz
Raymond Tymas-Jones

Membership Committee
Norie Sato – Co-Chair
Fisher Stolz – Co-Chair
Sylvia Brown
Rebecca Reynolds
Marco Rosichelli
Doug Schatz

Nominating Committee
Jack Becker – Co-Chair
Carla Hanzal – Co-Chair
George Tobolowsky

Sub Committees

60 year Anniversary
Hilary Nitka - Chair
Norie Sato
Julian Voss-Andreae
Nadine Witkin

Award Committee
George Tobolowsky – Chair
Jack Becker
Carole Feuerman
Hilary Nitka
Nadine Witkin

Collections Committee
Carole Feuerman – Co-Chair
Nadine Witkin – Co- Chair
Jack Becker
Ree Kaneko
Josh Kanter
George Neubert
Hilary Nitka
Jon Ott
Kim Vaadia

Detroit 2020 Committee
Doug Schatz - Chair
Taylor Aldridge
Vince Carducci
Darlene Carroll
Kelly Cave
Chido Johnson
Erin Kruczek
Gary Kulak
Miranda Kyle
Faina Lerman
Izegbe N'Namdi
Sheryl Oring
Amanda Partridge Nordin
Thomas Pyrzewski
Joshua Reiman
Crimson Rose
Norie Sato
Jenenne Whitfield

Educator Award Committee
Doug Schatz – Chair
Mary Bates Neubauer
Malcolm Cochran
Ellen Driscoll
Linda Fleming
Joan Giroux
Jack Gron
Linda Sormin
Coleen Sterritt
Patrick Strzelec

Thank you to our Donors

International Sculpture Center Contemporary Sculpture Circle
The International Sculpture Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides programming and services supported by contributions, grants, sponsorships, and memberships. The ISC Board of Trustees gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our members and donors in our Contemporary Sculpture Circle: those who have contributed $350 and above. Make a contribution now.

Benefactor's Circle
Atlantic Foundation
Fletcher Benton
Karen & Robert Duncan
Mrs. Donald Fisher
Grounds For Sculpture
John Henry
Richard Hunt
J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
Johnson Art & Education Foundation
Ree & Jun Kaneko
Joshua S. Kanter
Kanter Family Foundation
Gertrud & Heinz Kohler-Aeschlimann
Nanci Lanni
Kathy and Marc LeBaron
Lincoln Industries
National Endowment for the Arts
NJ State Council on the Arts
Mary O’Shaughnessy
I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation
Beverly Pepper
Estate of John A. Renna
Jon & Mary Shirley Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Slotkin
Boaz Vaadia
Bernar Venet
Nadine Witkin, Estate of Isaac Witkin

Major Donors
Anonymous Foundation
Chakaia Booker
Erik & Michele Christiansen
Terry & Robert Edwards
Carole Feuerman
Rob Fisher
Robert Mangold
Marlborough Gallery
Fred & Lena Meijer
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Frances & Albert Paley
Pew Charitable Trust
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Andrew & Judy Rogers
Walter Schatz
Robert & Polina Schlott
Kiki Smith
George Tobolowsky
William Tucker
Mary & John Young

Chairman's Circle
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Anonymous Foundation
ART Research
Jack Becker
Sydney & Walda Besthoff
Janet Blocker
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center
Willard Boepple
Bollinger Atelier
Tom Bollinger & Kim Nikolaev
Fernando Botero
Debra Cafaro & Terrance Livingston
Canvas Wines
Sir Anthony Caro
Cheim & Read
Chelsea College of Art & Design
Chicago Arts District/Podmajersky, Inc.
John Clement
Clinton Family Fund
Richard Cohen
Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans
Linda and Daniel Cooperman
Dana Martin Davis
David Diamond
David & Gladys Wright House Foundation
Digital Atelier
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Richard Dupont
Lin Emery
Fred Eychaner
Bill FitzGibbons
Jeff Fleming
Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Alan Gibbs
Gibbs Farm
James Geier
Michael & Francie Gordon
Red Grooms & Lysiane Luong Grooms
Ralfonso Gschwend
Agnes Gund
Craig & Kathryn Hall
Joan Hall
David Handley
Carla Hanzal
Ann Hatch
Richard Heinrich
The Helis Foundation
Daniel A. Henderson
Michelle Hobart
Peter C. Hobart
Leiko Ikemura & Philipp von Matt
Jarvis & Constance Doctorow Family Foundation
Joyce & Seward Johnson Foundation
Mary Ann Keeler
Keeler Foundation
Anna-Maria & Stephen Kellen Foundation
Phillip King
William King
Anne Kohs Associates
Jo Carole & Ronald S. Lauder
Cynthia Madden Leitner/ Museum of Outdoor Arts
Eugene Lemay
Toby D. Lewis Philanthropic Fund
Jim & Karen Linder
Lisson Gallery
Marian Goodman Gallery
Marlene & Sandy Louchheim
Martin Margulies
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory,Inc.
Patricia Meadows
Creighton Michael
Lowell Miller
Deedee Morrison
Morton Rachofsky Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Barrie Mowatt
Sharon & Prescott Muir
Patty & Bobby Nail
Manuel Neri
New Jersey Cultural Trust
New Orleans Museum of Art
Sassona Norton
Ralph O'Connor
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
Nancy & Steven Oliver
Justin Peyser
Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry
Stanley & Harriet Rabinowitz
Zach Rawling
Patricia Renick
Pat Renick Gift Fund

Henry Richardson
Russ Rubert
Sakana Foundation
Salt Lake Art Center
Carol L. Sarosik & Shelley Padnos
Melody Sawyer Richardson
Doug Schatz
Mary Ellen Scherl
The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation
June & Paul Schorr, III
The Seward Johnson Atelier
Joel Shapiro
Judith Shea
Armando Silva
Frank Sippel
Kenneth & Katherine Snelson
Tishman Speyer
Fisher Stolz
Mark di Suvero
Takahisa Suzuki
Aylin Tahincioglu
Cynthia Thompson
Steinunn Thorarinsdottir
Brian Tune
University of the Arts London
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Robert E. Vogele
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Georgia Welles
Elizabeth Erdreich White
Connie Wimer
The Abe Zale Foundation Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Director's Circle
Ana & Gui Affonso
George Ahl
El Anatsui
Lisa Arnett
Auckland Art Gallery
Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art
Sylvia Brown
Bruce Beasley
Kimberly Beider
Belger Crane Yard
Belmont Harbor Yacht Club
Bloomberg LP
Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture Trail
Otto M. Budig Family Foundation
The BWF Foundation, Inc.
Carnegie Mellon University
Maureen Cogan
Lisa Colburn
Ric Collier
Connells Bay Sculpture Park
Demeter Fragrance Library
Lina Deng
Christine and Richard Didsbury
Bob Emser
Jan and Trevor Farmer
Galerie Lelong
Bill and Christy Gautreaux
Susan Gerber
Jo and John Gow
Francis Greenburger
Haunch of Venison
Bryan Hunt
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Michael Johnson
Kansas City Art Institute
Tony Karman
Gallery Kasahara
Herbert J. Kayden
Joseph Kernisky
Susan Lloyd
Michael Manjarris
Mattress Factory
George McLendon
Merchandise Mart Properties
Jill & Paul Meister
Gerard Meulensteen
Michael Miller
Jesus Moroles
Steve & Debbie Mueller
Museum of Arts and Design
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park
National Gallery, London
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Hilary Nitka
Kristen Nordahl
Brian Ohno
Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen
Dennis Oppenheim
The Oshman Foundation
Jon Ott
William R. Padnos
Paula Cooper Gallery
Hubert Phipps
Donald Porcaro
Richard Gray Gallery
Riva Yares Gallery
Bill Roy
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Peter Scotese
Sculpture Community/
Eve and Fred Simon
Lisa & Tom Smith
Duane Stranahan, Jr.
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Studios, Inc.
Roselyn Swig
Julian and Jacqueline Taub
The BWF Foundation, Inc
Laura Thorne
Tulane University
Alderman Tom Tunney
Raymond Tymas-Jones, PhD
University of Cincinnati
University of Kansas
Hans Van de Bovenkamp
Vector Custom Fabricating, Inc.
Harry T. Wilks
Isaac Witkin
Xavier University of Louisina

Patron's Circle
The Andy Warhol Museum
Carnegie Museum of Art
Elizabeth Catlett
J. Laurence & Susan Costin
Des Moines Art Center
Barbara & Steve Durham
True Fisher
Headland Sculpture on the Gulf
Barbara Hoffman
Aparajita Jain
Laumeier Sculpture Park
Lostn Foundation
Susan McLeod

M.D. Michaelis
Moore College of Art & Design
National Academy Museum
John P. & Anne Nelson
Katerina Paleckova, Angel’s Chocolate
Philip Palmedo
Janice Perry
Joyce Pomeroy-Schwartz
Princeton University Art Museum
Rifle Paper Co.
Eric Schieber
Scottsdale Public Art
Vicki Scuri
Todd Smith
Spar Street
Philip Surls
Elisabeth Swanson
Laura Thorne
Doris & Peter Tilles
Julian Voss-Andreae
Webster University

Friend's Circle
Anonymous Donor
Dean Arkfeld
Doris H. Arkin
Lee Bartell
Verina Baxter
Ambassador & Mrs. Alan Blinken
Architectural Building Systems
Melva Bucksbaum & Raymond Learsy
Tom Butler
Giancarlo Calicchia
Edouard Duval Carrie
Cause Contemporary Gallery
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Chicago Gallery News
Jim & Jane Cohan
The Columbus Museum
Eduardo da Rosa
Henry Davis
Guerra de la Paz
Terry Dintenfass, Inc.
Michele Oka Doner
Jill Downen
Fred Drucker
Constance & Blair Fensterstock
Sue Gardiner
Gill Gatfield
Jenny Gibbs
Terra Goolsby
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Graham
Louise Grunwald
Haligon Fine Art
Craig Hall
Dr. LaRue Harding
Ed Hardy Habit/Hardy LLC
John Hatfield
Gail & Wilfred Heilbut
Ursula & Joseph Helman
Olga Hirshhorn
Paul Hubbard
Gloria Kisch
Paul Klein
A. Eugene & Barbara Kohn
Eleas Kostis
Gary Kulak
Chuck Levy
Carol LeWitt
Chi-Yu Liang
Lincoln Park Conservatory
Glenn & Susan Lowry
Dayle Mace
Roger Machin & Carmella Saraceno
Joel Mallin
Steve Maloney
Eileen & Barry Mandel
Steve Martin & Amy Haddad
Edward Mayer
Maxine & Stuart Frankel Foundation
Deborah McCormick
Bill & Shirley McIntyre
Robert E. Meyerhoff & Rheda Becker
Microsoft Corporation
Millennium Park, Inc.
David Mirvish
George Neubert
NOVA Chemicals Inc.
Ralph O’Connor
Olivella, Umbria Olii International
Tom Otterness
Enid J. Packard
Paula Panczenko
John Pappajohn
Raul Perez
Barry R. Perlis
Troy & Cathy Perry
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh Office of Public Art
Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area & Carrie Furnaces
Michelle Rapp
Leslie Robertson & Sawteen See
Roger Smith Hotel
Ky & Jane Rohman
Salvatore & Corinne Romano
Roy Lichtenstein Foundation
Ambassador Nancy H. Rubin
Morley & Jane Safer
Saginaw Valley State University
Vicki & Roger Sant
Carolina Sardi
Norie Sato
Greg & Laura Schnackel
Sculpt Nouveau
Sedgwick Productions
Shan Shan Sheng
Steve Siegel
Sipi Metal Corp.
Jenny and Andrew Smith
Steinberg Shebairo LLP
Storm King Art Center
Tom & Sue Tallman
Thai Metal Crafters
Jeff Thomson
Barbara & Donald Tober
The Todd & Betiana Simon Foundation
UBS Financial Services
Edward Ulhir
Umbra, Ltd.
University of Arkansas
Robert M. Kaye & Diane Upright
Frederico Uribe
Steve Vail Fine Arts
Hans Van De Bovenkamp LTD
Richard & Karen Vierk
John & Lynn Vinkemulder
Alex Wagman
Charlotte Weber
Wellington Sculpture Trust
John Wiederspan
Yoram Wind
Charles & Barbara Wright
Jim Yohe
Lisa & Don Zaretsky
Zealandia Sculpture Garden
Glenn Zweygardt

Professional Circle
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