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Laura Reinhard

22 nonotuck street
Northampton, MA 01062, U.S.A.
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               There are two main themes that run through my work: energy of emergent nature, and the life/death/life cycle.

I am awed by the persistence, resilience, and geometric flow of life. I cannot help but feel a kinship to all living things, knowing that from a molecular level we are all created from the DNA helix that imprints the sacred spiral in plant stems as well as human bones: strength and flexibility gained by a simple, elegant twist. Inspired by pods, seeds, shells and all forms of sprouting life, I extract what I perceive to be the essence of their energy and form.  What I create is influenced by the unconscious dance between my intention, my body, and my heart.  Throughout the sculpting process, my emotions impart themselves into my work, leaving an indelible imprint on the form.

This is my visual vocabulary.

I work in copper, stone and water.  In 2003, I began a journey with my work inspired by Shiva Linga, and the idea that the surface striations of these stones are the feminine energy that inspires and balances the masculine energy of the stones.  Working with large, glacially worn stones I explore the idea of dualistic energies by visually lifting this energy into delicate, yet potent sculptural auras.  I use water, flowing through the copper sculpture and over the stone to visually and spiritually unite these two entities, as in Portrait of a Spirit, commissioned and installed, 2006. 

I love to express the workings of the human psyche and all it’s manifestations of the life/death/life cycle.  Deeply inspired by the workings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I created on site at the Center at Westwoods, in 2006, Selkie, a sculptural expression of the time in our lives when we toss our “soulskins” asunder and unknowingly initiate the journey back to ourselves. Selkie highlights the beauty inherent in all the phases of our cycles.

In 2008 I completed Stone Sanctuary, a space for reflection and energy work at the Center at Westwoods, Westwoods, MA.  Water flowing over the center 9 feet of a 35 foot long by 8 foot high wall of centuries old hand quarried granite is the focal point of the circular sanctuary with a stone mandala floor and 9 foot high Goshen stone slab gateway. 

For more information about me and these works please visit my website,


Commissions and Installations

2008 - Stone Sanctuary, Center at Westwoods, MA.

2008 - For Mom, private residence, USA.

2007 - Arisaema, private residence, Massachusetts.

2006 - Selkie, Center at Westwoods, MA.

2006 - Portrait of a Spirit, Center at Westwoods, MA.

2006 - Triple Spiral, private residence, Massachusetts.

2003 - Aura, private residence, Connecticut.


2010 – Elongating the Thread, Selected Alumni Show, XL Projects, Syracuse University, February 2010.

2009 – Unconscious Dance, Open Air Art Gallery, Northampton, MA. Sept – Nov.

2004 - Of the Wind, and Triple Spiral, features for Mahoney’s Gardens, New England Flower Show.

2004 – Arisaema, feature for Mike Garvey Landscapes, New England Flower Show.

2003 - Aura, feature for Earthworks, New England Flower Show.


1989 - BFA, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Department of Fibers and Interlocking, Syracuse University.