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Photo Credit: Grounds For Sculpture technical workshop studio.
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The International Sculpture Center (ISC) currently supports artists with three residency programs: art-st-urban in Switzerland, Student Award winners at Grounds For Sculpture, Student Award winners at Josephine Sculpture Park, and Mana Contemporary. The ISC established residency programs as a way to expand on programming and provide members an additional opportunity to work with fellow artists in a studio environment.

The ISC is thrilled about its ever growing residency programs as just one of the many exciting benefits for our members. To learn more about our residencies contact, 609-689-1051 ext 319. To become a member and explore your opportunities contact, 609-689-1051 ext 301


ISC Residency @ Grounds For Sculpture includes:
  • Two winners from current year's Student Awards
  • 4 week program on GFS's campus
  • The recipients will be immersed into a communal studio amongst neighboring artists and will have access to numerous facilities
  • Open Studio events throughout the residency as they align with our overall program goals
  • Residents will be featured in Sculpture, and re:sculpt, the ISC Blog.

Dates for the ISC Residencies @ Grounds For Sculpture: 4-6 weeks in the summer.

2017 marked ISC's first year collaborating with Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) on a residency program. Two winners from each year's Student Awards will participate in a 4 week program living and working on GFS's campus surrounded by peacocks, gardens, and sculpture.

Click here for more information on the Student Awards.

Contact Gina Totaro at or 609-689-1051 x319 for all information regarding ISC Residency @ Grounds for Sculpture.

Image: Nooshin Hakim Javadi working in the GFS studio.

June 25- August 2, 2019
Tyler Gaston & Shohei Katayama


July 13 - August 10, 2018
Layo Bright & Natani Notah

June 24 - August 5, 2017
Shawn Creeden and Nooshin Hakim Javadi