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Discover the world of Sculpture on our new website.

Explore our not-to-be missed coverage of contemporary sculpture, from interviews with artists, reviews of current shows and other art criticism, to thought-provoking essays.

Sculpture delves into virtually every aspect of contemporary art, from mixed media and performance art to video installation to public art. On our site, and in our pages, you will find such artists as:

Sterling Ruby - Jacob Hashimoto - Eduardo Chillida - Louise Bourgeois - Claes Oldenburg - Nam June Paik - Robert Rauschenberg - Rachel Whiteread - Judy Chicago - Roni Horn - Kiki Smith - Mel Chin - Pedro Reyes - Eva Rothschild - Danh Vo - Alice Aycock - Josiah McElheny - Edgar Arceneaux - Rina Banerjee - Liz Glynn Kerry James Marshall - Matthew Ronay - Huma Bhabha - Nancy Holt - Ellen Harvey
Tauba Auerbach - Minerva Cuevas - Matthew Barney - Alicja Kwade

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Sarah Sze:
Fractured Infinities

Material Space:
A Conversation with Sheela Gowda

A Conversation with Elana Herzog

Inhabiting Resilience:
A Conversation with Rita Simoni

Cutting Silence:
A Conversation with Pablo Lehmann

Held Firm:
A Conversation with Ramekon O’Arwisters


Shoplifter/Hrafnhildur Arnadóttir

Buffalo, NY:
Katie Bell

New York:
Rachel Harrison

New York:
Arlene Shechet

Kara Walker