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Past winners

Olufunmilayo Bright Katie Coughlin Raul De Lara Ellen Dempsey
Olufunmilayo Bright Katherine Coughlin Raul De Lara Ellen Dempsey
Molly Dressel Julian Gilbert-Davis Lexi Herman Jordan Holm
Molly Dressel Julian Gilbert-Davis Lexi Herman Jordan Holm
Ashley Kerr Alex Lukas Vanessa Mastronardi Erica Mendoza
Ashley Kerr Alex Lukas Vanessa Mastronardi Erica Mendoza
Brenna K. Murphy Amy Nathan Natani Notah Cory Perry
Brenna Murphy Amy Nathan Notani Notah Cory Perry
Hannah Taylor      
Hannah Taylor      

: Maggie Avolio, Stony Brook University, Faculty Sponsor: Nobuho Nagasawa; Ashton Bird, Florida State University, Faculty Sponsor: Terri Lindbloom; Laicee Blackwell, University of Southern Indiana, Faculty Sponsor: Rob Millard-Mendez; Alonso Carrillo, Parsons School of Design, The New School, Faculty Sponsor: Simone Douglas; Brooke Day, East Tennessee State University, Faculty Sponsor: Travis Graves; Marina Fridman, Alfred University, Faculty Sponsor: Brett Hunter; Cassidy Frye, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Faculty Sponsor: John Douglas Powers; Kenzie Funk, IUPUI, Herron School of Art and Design, Faculty Sponsor: Greg Hull; Claire Kayser, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Faculty Sponsors: Tom Hollenback and Kelly O'Brien; Anna Lottes, IUPUI, Herron School of Art and Design, Faculty Sponsor: Eric Nordgulen; Karissa Lubberts, The State University of New York at Fredonia, Faculty Sponsor: Robert Booth; Alayna Rasile, Montana State University, Faculty Sponsor: James Zimpel; Aaron Treher, University of Colorado Boulder, Faculty Sponsor: Yumi J. Roth; Galen Trezise, University of Arizona, Faculty Sponsor: James Cook; Matthew Watkins, Union University, Faculty Sponsor: Lee Benson; Jacquelyn Whitman, University of Iowa, Faculty Sponsor: Isabel Barbuzza; Kayla Wiley, Portland State University, Faculty Sponsor: Erik Geschke; Chase Young, University of Arkansas, Faculty Sponsor: Bethany Springer

The International Sculpture Center is proud to present the winners of the 2018 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards. This year's program attracted a large number of nominees from university sculpture programs in North America and abroad. Sam Ekwurtzel, Brooklyn based artist & 2006 Student Award Recipient, Brooklyn, NY; Gina Miccinilli, Educator & working sculptor, Mahwah, NJ; and Ysabel Pinyol, Curatorial Director, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ juried this year's winners. From a pool of 354 nominees from 138 schools, they selected 17 award recipients and 18 honorable mentions. This annual award was founded in 1994 to recognize young sculptors and encourage their continued commitment to the field of sculpture, as well as to recognize the award recipients' faculty sponsors and their institutions. Two students will be awarded a 4 week residency at Grounds For Sculpture. The 17 award recipients will participate in three separate exhibitions; Mana Contemporary Chicago, Through Her Eye, September 23- February 16th, 2019 Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, February 1st-March, 2019 Carole Feuerman Sculpture Foundation, April 2019. More info to come

The recipients of the 2018 ISC and Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) residency are Layo Bright & Natani Notah. They will participate in a 4 week program on GFS's campus. To check out 2018's recipients click here.


Past recipients: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.

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